Computerized Exams


Computer-based tests are ones that are administered via the computer unlike paper-delivered traditional ones. They have been approved in order to substitute traditional tests in the future due to their benefits for the students, parents and educational process.



Computer-based tests achieve a number of objectives that can be summarized in the following:

  • Providing a good technical service for students that makes doing tests easier: Unlike traditional tests, students do not have to show up at a specified time which if they miss, they lose their right of taking the test.
  • Providing tests all year long: This ensures time flexibility and reduces stress caused by a lengthy wait for tests.
  • Boosting the level of security and confidentiality necessary for tests by using encrypted electronic systems.
  • Eliminating the use of paper-delivered testing for some tests entirely and facilitating the use of different forms of questions, particularly those that require audios and videos such as for speaking and listening.

How to sign up:

Candidates can sign up for this type of test just like they do with paper-delivered ones by filling in their information on the website and then booking a date. The only difference is that they are required to fill in a new field in which each candidate writes his/ her name in English and indicates the dates on which he/ she wishes to sit for the test. The dates chosen can be booked no more than one week before the test in mornings or evenings.

Click here for Test Centers:

Computer-Based Test Centers In- and Outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Tests Administered:

  • GAT for Male Students (Scientific and Theoretic)
  • GAT for Female Students (Scientific and Theoretic)
  • STEP
  • General Aptitude Tests for Bachelor's Degree Holders


  • Candidates should show their ID cards.
  • Candidates should be high-school graduates or students at either the second or third grade in high-school.
  • The number of opportunities given to each candidate for sitting for the test should not be exceeded.


Test Results:

Results are announced in two weeks from the time of taking the test.​

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