ETEC Announces SAAT Results through Tawakkalna Application


ETEC announced SAAT results for this year 1441 AH – 2020 on Saturday 20 Dhu Al-Qi'dah 1441 AH corresponding to 11/7/2020, through Tawakkalna in cooperation with the Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA).

ETEC stated that 334,515 students performed the test either remotely or at computerized sites in both science and theoretical tracks with a statistic as the following:

Total of male testees: 147.869 Remotely: 91.774 Computerized sites: 56.095 Total of female testees: 186.646 Remotely: 125.851

Computerized sites: 60.795

Moreover, ETEC mentioned that the percentage of distinguished students in SAAT for this year amounted to 6.4% assuring that those testees with a distinguished performance in GAT and SAAT shall receive the Excellence Award at ETEC’s International Conference.

Furthermore, ETEC clarified that SAAT auditing process went through several stages starting from AI report for sensitive readings of normal and abnormal clicks and then human review to ensure the quality and level of sensitivity. After that, checking for violations by auditors and supervisors, and finally reviewing the examination committee and taking the appropriate decision according to the test Regulations, stating that the violations that require canceling the test include using the mobile phone for the purpose of cheating by calling, taking pictures or any other prohibited action due to the test regulations.

In addition, ETEC stated that the percentage of violations requiring cancellation of the test was 0.7% of the total number of testees while the percentage of those who had technical issues that required additional verification was 0.35%, the percentage of those who required completing verification of their identities was 1.9%, and the percentage of violations requiring additional review was 1.4%.

It is worth mentioning that ETEC has achieved a great success in conducting remote SAAT which attracted a number of countries to benefit from this experience which was reviewed by the World Bank in a specialized symposium. Such success was achieved in cooperation with various government entities in where  ETEC was able to provide the platform in a record time following the highest and most precise international standards.


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