Dr. Hossam Zaman: Digital Transformation and Electronic Application is a Strategic Choice for Tests and Evaluation



HE Dr. Hossam Bin Abdulwahab Zaman, ETEC president , reviewed the Kingdom experience using technical advances and digital transformation applications to implement university admission test electronically and its keenness to achieve justice among all students with a high degree of honesty and stability.


This announcement came during HE participation in the virtual international symposium entitled "Making high-risk decisions about the progress and development of students in the light of COVID-19’’ organized by UNICEF, UNESCO and the World Bank on the framework for the reopening of schools. The symposium aims to share countries experiences with different methodologies in making decisions about high-risk tests for students in the light of COVID-19 as well as the considerations that guided the selection of methodology, challenges and future impacts and the choice of the experience of Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Ecuador.


DR. Zaman addressed the most prominent challenges faced by the project and ETEC strategies in overcoming these challenges in addition to providing technical support in variable methods.


Furthermore, HE explained in his participation that this initiative and the support witnessed by various governmental entities, represented in the High Committee for Digital Transformation  has transformed through practice and application from a solution to deal with the conditions imposed by the Corona pandemic to a strategic choice for digital transformation and electronic application of tests and evaluation according to the targets set by 2030 vision.


It is worth mentioning that UNICEF, UNESCO and the World Bank have organized a series of joint virtual symposiums on the framework for reopening schools as part of the Global Alliance for Education on efforts in the light of COVID-19 to support governments in promoting remote learning and facilitating the reopening of schools.

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