The National Marqab for Training Quality

The Marqab refers to a national interactive electronic portal representing the first stage of institutional accreditation requirements for training institutes based on ETEC’s approved standards. It aims at facilitating institutional accreditation by dividing it to a number of stages to support training institutes improve and achieve accreditation requirements gradually and continuously.  


  • Improve the baseline of training quality.
  • Facilitate and divide the accreditation process into a series of stages.
  • Create interactive specialized communities to exchange information and expertise.
  • Document and analyze the data of training institutes to support research and studies of training indicators in KSA.
  • Set future accreditation plans 
  • Continuously improve training institutes. 


  • Registration of preliminary data and delegation
  • Filling in the training institute form of information and qualifications offered
  • Review standards and upload necessary evidence
  • Review and verify documents by Masar or the authorized entity.
  • At the verification stage, the application is accepted and the Marqab Registration Certificate is issued. The application can be submitted again if not accepted in the first time and the institute can keep trying with the information saved and available for update.
  • After completing the eligibility for accreditation stage, an intensive field review process of the institute is conducted in light of the full institutional accreditation standards and by a team of specialized reviewers licensed by ETEC. 


Training Institutes:

Registration in the Marqab helps training institutes identify their strengths and areas of improvement through working to achieve the requirements of standards and uploading evidence in an interactive electronic environment. This will serve to promote quality and competitiveness in training. It also provides multiple tools to support the institute during the accreditation process such as expertise exchange communities and enriching content which clarifies and explains concepts. The Marqab represents a subjective tool for determining relative quality against organizational entities in the Kingdom. 

Decision Makers:

The Marqab provides decision makers with a clear vision about the state of training in the kingdom to support policy and decision making which will contribute to improving efficiency, effectiveness and spending effectiveness along with other support, financing and incentive decisions. 


The Marqab rovides information about institutes granted the Marqab Registration Certificate and the quality standards they are working on to promote transparency regarding training institutes and increase employers’ trust in the training system. 

Trainees- Parents

Employees- Job seekers

The Marqab provides accessible database for them to find out about the institutes registered in there. This will contribute to raising awareness about the importance of quality in training and classification of approved training programs. It also helps trainees make the right decisions regarding enrollment in a certain institute or program. It enables them as job seekers and employees to have better professional development and job opportunities. 

Those interested in the Quality of Training: 

The Marqab will provide them with an interactive portal consisting of a rich content and an electronic community to exchange expertise. 

The difference between Verification Process in the National Marqab for Training Quality and Accreditation: 

Registration in the National Marqab for Training Quality represents the first stage of accreditation and does not involve accreditation. It is achieved after verifying compliance with a preliminary set of standards specially designed for preparation of accreditation, whereas accreditation refers to conducting the complete processes at the institutes that achieved the Marqab requirements and standards; and measuring the application of standards and effectiveness during a site visit to the institute.

Benefits of obtaining accreditation and registration in the Marqab:
  • Documenting the quality and efficiency of training services provided by the institute. 
  • Progressing rapidly and smoothly towards accreditation.
  • Promoting outstanding areas and improving deficiencies
  • Obtaining trainees’ trust by appearing in the registered institutes list
  • A subjective tool to determine eligibility for reward and support through approved funding channels in the kingdom
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identifying the best practices of comparable training institutes in the kingdom through an interactive community.​

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