Accreditation of Military Education Programs

Eligibility requirements:

Programs offered by military education and training institutions that wish to apply for program accreditation from the Technical Committee for Military Accreditation must fulfil the following eligibility requirements:​

  • The decision letter for establishing the program.
  • Alignment of the program with the requirements of the National Qualifications Framework.
  • The institution to which the program belongs must have received institutional accreditation.
  • Student, faculty member, and employee handbooks, regulations, and bylaws.
  • The program's quality assurance system and its approved performance reports.
  • Program and course specifications, using the required forms.
  • Learning outcomes assessment plan and assessment reports.
  • At least a batch of students having graduated from the program.
  • KPIs and benchmarks.
  • The program's self-study report with supporting evidence. 

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