Standards for selecting international accreditation entities

International accreditation entities are classified according the following: 

Category A:

International accreditation entities with credibility gained by accrediting prestigious academic programs from top-ranking universities around the world within the country of origin, and have been able to extend their activities globally, due to their well-known reputation.

Category B:

International accreditation entities that meet the following conditions:

  •  To be formally authorized to practice quality evaluation and academic accreditation in post-secondary education programs in one of the countries with a high-quality higher education system.
  • To be authorized to grant accreditation outside the country of origin by the institution concerned with international accreditation.
  • Absence of any legal or procedural issues.
  •  To be one of the well-established entities that have gained their credibility through practicing their activities over a long period of time, even if it is without an official license.
  •  To have a system of quality assessment or academic accreditation that is equivalent to the standards of academic evaluation, accreditation and methods used by the center.
  •  To be distinguished by accrediting a specific specialty.​

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