Criteria for selecting an international accreditation monitor

Holding a PHD in the specialization field of the program to be evaluated according to five general areas of specialization, as follows:​

  • Humanities and educational specialities.
  • Natural sciences specialities.
  • Engineering and computers specialities.
  • Health specialities.
  • Law, finance, and administration specialities.​

  1. To be fluent in English language (writing and speaking).
  2. Complete devotion during the accreditation team visit.
  3. To have experience in reviewing academic programs within KSA, accompanying teams visiting international entities, or having completed accreditation qualifying courses.
  4.  To not have any conflicts of interest when accompanying the visiting team.
  5. To have appropriate team-work personal characteristics.
  6. To have communication skills and the ability to prepare reports and use technology.
  7. To adhere to confidentiality and subjectivity of the task.
  8. The priority is given to those who obtained the training program or international accreditation monitor qualification license whether inside or outside of KSA.

Must complete the performing consulting tasks form at the general administration of international accreditation, an affiliate of NCAAA and submit it to

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