Program Accreditation Requirements

​​​​​​​​​The Center would like to encourage higher education institutions to seek academic accreditation for their programs as soon as they are ready as per the requirements. The Center affirms its keenness to raise the level of quality and avoid the consequences of negative decisions that result in serious problems for educational institutions and programs and students alike. Therefore, the Center has decided not to accept any rushed applications for accreditation submitted by institutions that have not yet completed their internal quality assurance system. The Center, like most accreditation centers, has adopted specific requirements that must be met by any educational institution that wishes to apply for formal program accreditation.

Based on the above, the Center must be satisfied that the eligibility requirements for applying for accreditation are met before any formal application is received. The eligibility requirements for applying for accreditation depend on the major elements of the quality assurance standards and the extent of compliance with the statutory status that grant the educational institution the right to operate as an institution of higher education.​




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