Alignment of NQF Levels and International Classification (ISCED)

​​​ISCED Classification​​

ISCED CodeQualification TypeLevelsQualificationLevelsQualification
844Doctorate8Doctoral Degree or  Equivalent8Doctoral Degree or Equivalent
747Master's Degree7Master's Degree or Equivalent7Master's Degree or Equivalent
746Bachelor's Degree (6) years


Higher Diploma (1) year

6Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent6Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent
646Academic Bachelor's Degree (5) years

Vocational Bachelor's Degree (5) years



Bachelor's Degree

(5) years


Bachelor's Degree

(3-4) years

544Academic Diploma5Short-Term Higher Education5Higher Diploma or Equivalent
554Vocational Diploma
444General Associate Diploma4Post-Secondary Non-Tertiary Education4Associate Diploma or Equivalent
454Vocational Associate Diploma
344General Secondary Education3Second Stage of Secondary Education3Secondary Education
354Vocational Secondary Education
244General Intermediate Education2Second Stage of Secondary Education2Intermediate Education

Vocational Intermediate Education



100Primary Education1Primary Education1Primary Education
020Pre-Primary Education02Pre-Primary EducationEntryEarly Childhood
010Early Childhood Education01Early Childhood Education

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