Marriage Preparedness Scale

Studies have shown that getting married requires psychological and social readiness. Further, individuals who want to get married should have certain values, attributes, and skills that encourage cooperation and harmony between couples to ensure a long and healthy marital life and to guarantee that both parties are ready to address the requirements of marriage and family life.

The significance of the Marriage Preparedness Scale can be summarized as follows:

  • The local and regional need to create a marriage preparedness scale, especially with the growth in divorce rates and deterioration of the quality of family life.
  • The need to determine the dimensions and factors that contribute to the quality of family life in light of contemporary Saudi culture.
  • The need to empower individuals who want to get married to discover themselves, and identify their capabilities and attributes, as well as determining their strengths and weaknesses based on sound scientific methods that maintain privacy and guide individuals to possible solutions.
  • The importance of promoting the role of public and private institutions in terms of designing guidance and counseling programs for individuals who want to get married, in addition to organizing awareness-raising campaigns.
  • The need to build sound scientific foundations, upon which future scales—for married individuals—can be designed.

Target segment:

Young men and women who are going to get married

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