English Proficiency Test (EPT)

  English Proficiency Test (EPT)


The EPT is a test that aims to determine the level of English language proficiency in students who wish to join an academic or professional program in which the English language is used as a medium of instruction. It is developed according to internationally recognized practice.

​The EPT was based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The test measures learners’ English language proficiency through their response to 80 multiple-choice questions divided as the following:
  • Language Structure: 40 questions
  • Reading Comprehension: 20 questions
  • Written Analysis: 20 questions

The test thus covers the basic language components, including vocabulary words and their meanings, as well as the structure, syntax, and writing system of English through a set of questions that tests these components to obtain objective and reliable results.​

The test does not directly assess information gained by the test taker from courses during his/her study or from specific books or references; therefore, it does not require prior preparation but rather relies on measuring the extent of a test taker’s proficiency in the English language through general study, reading, and use. Those who plan to take the test should review the questions and instructions, which will help them familiarize themselves with the nature of the test and its questions before taking it.

Test times:
Please visit the NCA website for further details on test dates and locations.

General Instructions:
Please visit the NCA website for further details on test dates and locations.

Make sure to show up on the day, time, and location of the test as indicated during registration. Upon reaching the test center, refer to the person in charge of your test group at the reception with the required documents where the documents will be checked and your eligibility will be verified. Afterwards, you will be allowed to sit for the test at your pre-designated seat.
Please raise your hand if you have any questions or need assistance from test supervisors.
All the questions are multiple-choice questions (a, b, c, d).
Calculators and any similar devices are not allowed because the nature of the test does not call for such devices.
Test duration: 90 minutes
This is a computerized test and test takers are required to be present 15 minutes before the test is scheduled to begin. Further, they must be prepared to sit for about one hour and five minutes.
Several universities, colleges, and institutes that teach English language make use of the results of the EPT to control the advancement of students from one level to another, or as an indication of English language proficiency in situations where it is a requirement
After the test is completed, the answers are corrected automatically and the results are analyzed. In addition, test taker data are reviewed, corrected, and verified. This process is expected to take about three weeks from the test day.

NCA will send the results electronically to entities that request them. In such cases, a hard copy certificate of the results is not necessary. Test takers will also receive their results via SMS, and they can access them by logging on to their accounts on the NCA website or calling the NCA call center at 920033555.​​

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