National Assessment Program

 National Assessment Program


​​​​The ETEC has launched national tests to provide decision-makers and stakeholders for an honest and reliable measure of the level of mastery of students at the national level with the necessary skills and knowledge, thus contributing to the improvement of educational outcomes.

The NCA develops the reference framework for national tests, builds and develops test questions, selects samples for the application of national tests and accompanying questionnaires, standard and statistical analysis of national test data and delivers results and reports.​

Test Objectives:

Provide decision-makers with an honest, reliable and comparable measure of the level of national mastery of students with the necessary skills and knowledge, including achievement levels and developments over time at both levels: Sub-level (gender-regions-type of school ...), national level. 
Provide information and recommendations to enhance learning effectiveness to educational policy makers, decision makers, school managers, teachers, students and guardians

Test Parts: 

Tests for students to measure skills of Reading, writing, math, science, ....
Questionnaires for students, teachers, school managers and guardians.

Targeted educational stages: 

 4th grade.
2nd  Grade Intermediate

National tests do not require specific preparation or revision of specific subjects; they measure the performance of students in skills acquired during their education. But it requires the cooperation of all:

School Manager: Collaborate with Qiyas representatives to make the test successful, including preparing the selected sample students and urging them not to be absent as well as assigning the appropriate class for the application. Moreover, preparing a suitable place for the test will help the examined students to concentrate and should not contain any murals related to the test. Fill the questionnaire of the school manager.

Teacher Urge his/her students on the importance of testing and ensure that all questions are answered. Fill the teacher questionnaire.

Student's guardian: Urge his son to attend and to be serious in the answers. Fill the guardian questionnaire.

The Student: Attention to attendance and seriousness in the answers, there is no fail or pass on the test.

Test times:

The 10th week of the second semester of each year.

These tests do not require registration. The sample is selected from schools and students based on criteria set by the test administrators so as to communicate with schools to determine the dates of tests and the mechanism of application.

The test results are presented to decision-makers and educators, including school managers and teachers, to provide an accurate picture of education in Saudi Arabia and the level of student performance in specific skills.

Test results are presented in the form of reports containing statistics, data analysis and recommendations. Test reports include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Report for the Ministry of Education,
  • A report for school managers and teachers,
  • Reports for Media
  • Technical report,​

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