Registered Conciliator Test

 Registered Conciliator Test

ETEC seeks to broaden the scope of its partnerships as well as providing comprehensive measurement solutions by adopting scientific methods in the measurement and assessment of knowledge, skills, and abilities, in order to fulfil the expectations of beneficiaries and meet developmental needs, which are compatible with Saudi Vision 2030.

The “Registered Conciliator Competencies Test” project reflects the Ministry of Justice’s objectives and initiatives which enable it to improve the quality of its services as well as increasing the efficiency of litigators. The registered conciliator competencies test is one of the tests developed and administered by ETEC through the collaborative efforts of NCA (Qiyas) and the Ministry of Justice to improve the recruitment and selection processes of applicants to conciliator positions.

The Registered Conciliator Competencies Test is a standardized test that aims to measure the extent to which applicants to conciliation and dispute resolution positions have the competencies required for these jobs. The test addresses Shari’a, legal, basic, and personal competencies, as well as values.

Test goals:
  • Developing a standardized test for the competencies of workers in conciliation and dispute resolution jobs at the Ministry of Justice.
  • Ensuring candidates for the job of “registered conciliator” fulfil the Shari’a, professional, and personal competencies required for the job.
  • Contributing to the professional licensing of registered conciliators.

  • All the items on the test are in multiple-choice format (4 choices are provided) with only one correct answer.
  • The test is held at computerized test centers across the Kingdom. However, candidates for the test are approved by the Ministry.
  • The test is scheduled through coordination between NCA and the beneficiaries.​

Only candidates who have been screened and nominated by relevant beneficiaries are registered for the test.

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