Professional Licensing Test for Teachers

 Professional Licensing Test for Teachers


The professional licensing test for teachers is among the tools that positively contribute in enhancing the quality of teacher performance. It aims at improving their abilities and skills ensuring that they have the required competencies for their career. This test is a requirement for obtaining a teaching license. The test is composed of two parts. The first part is mainly about pedagogy and is mandatory for all teachers. The second part emphasizes the foundational principles of the relevant fields. There are 37 different specializations approved by ETEC.  ​


Regulations for Issuing Professional Licenses for Teachers:

The regulations were approved pursuant to a decision issued by the Education and Training Evaluation Commission's (ETEC) Board of Directors in the 11th meeting of its First Cycle dated 14/11/1440H (corresponding to 17/7/2019).

Amendments to the regulations were approved based on a decision issued by the Board of Directors' Executive Committee, pursuant to the Board of Directors’ delegation of said Committee in this regard on 8/11/1441H corresponding to 29/6/2020.

Professional Standards and Tracks for Teachers:

These involve the knowledge teachers should possess and the practices in which they should engage in line with the values and responsibilities of the teaching profession. Determining such knowledge and practices is based on the professional standards and tracks issued by ETEC. 

Specialized Standards for Professional Licenses for Teachers:

There are currently 37 approved specializations for professional licensing tests for teachers. The professional standards for these specializations have been developed as illustrated in the material attached.

Approved Tests for the Professional Licensing of Teachers:

The professional licensing test for teachers is composed of two main tests:

·         General educational test

·         Specialized test

·         General Educational Test​

The general educational test covers general education topics common to all specializations in the teaching profession, including the following:

  •   Domain 1: Professional values and responsibilities  Domain 2: Professional knowledge                                                    
  •  Domain 3: Professional practice
  • These areas are measured according to 10 main standards:
  •  Standard 1: Adherence to moderate Islamic values and professional ethics and strengthening of national identity
  •  Standard 2: Continuous professional development
  •   Standard 3: Professional engagement with educators and society
  •   Standard 4: Knowledge in verbal and quantitative skills
  •   Standard 5: Knowledge of students and their learning
  •   Standard 6: Knowledge of specialized content and methods of teaching
  •   Standard 7: Knowledge of general teaching methods
  •   Standard 8: Planning and implementing teaching
  •   Standard 9: Creating interactive and supportive learning environments for learners
  •   Standard 10: Evaluation

·         Specialized Test

The specialized test covers the fields and standards of each relevant specialization.​

​​The test aims to measure the test-taker's accumulation of knowledge and life experience as well as the extent to which he/she is well-informed in his/her field. It does not target the information a test-taker obtains from courses. It is important for test-takers to familiarize themselves with the item types, and the way to answer them. Furthermore, the test does not require solving any complex mathematical problems. Only simple numbers are used, which means any calculations can easily be done mentally or using simple means. Test-takers can familiarize themselves with the nature and details of the test by accessing ETEC's website.​

General Guidelines:

  •  Check the ETEC website regularly for information about testing schedules and locations.

  • Upon registration, you will receive an SMS confirming that and another SMS with the number of your seat.

  •  Make sure you bring your official national Id.

  • Make sure to be present at the testing location on the day and time you signed up for. When you arrive to the testing location, head to the relevant employee at the reception committee to check your documents and verify your eligibility. After the verification process is complete, you will be allowed to enter the test hall to be seated in your pre-assigned seat.

  • You shall be asked to store your belongings (watch, mobile, wallet and pen(s) in a sealed plastic bag before entering the test hall. You are advised not to bring your mobile to the testing site.

  •  After all test-takers are accounted for, the question booklets and answer sheets will be distributed. The answer sheet is of the type which is automatically corrected, so you should handle it with care. After the distribution of testing materials, all test-takers shall start completing the first side of the answer sheet (the personal information side) when instructed by room supervisors. The second side of the sheet is allocated for answers. Listen carefully to the room supervisor's instructions regarding completing the sheet. After that, all test-takers will be instructed to open their question booklets and start the test.

  •  If you have any questions or need assistance, just raise your hand and a supervisor will come to you.

  •  All the questions are in multiple-choice format (a, b, c, d). If you take the paper-based test, make sure to fill in the circle corresponding to the letter of the correct answer for each question using a type HB-2 pencil. Pens of all types are not allowed. Pencils will be distributed in the test room. However, it is advised that test-takers bring an extra HB-2 pencil and eraser just in case.

  • The preparation stage, from entering the test room until the test starts, will take approximately 60 minutes, so test-takers should be prepared to sit for approximately 3 hours.

  • Test-takers who do not pass the test or who wish to get a better score may retake the test. Test-takers who do not pass one of the tests do not need to retake both tests. In such cases, they can just retake the test they did not pass.​

Test results are used to issue professional teaching licenses for teachers. They are also used by the concerned bodies at the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the selection and recruitment processes for teaching posts. On-the-job teachers and bachelor's degree holders who wish to become teachers may also register for the test.​

  • ​ After the test, answer sheets are automatically corrected. The results are analyzed and the test-takers' information is revised and corrected at ETEC. The results are then published directly to the teacher's page on the professional licensing portal.

  •  Teachers can access the professional licensing portal after the results are published and the professional licenses are issued.

  • ETEC will provide relevant entities with the results electronically after the professional license is issued (Only the highest score is sent if an applicant takes the test more than once). It will not be necessary to submit a written document with the test score to such entities. Test results are also sent to the test-takers' mobile phones via SMS. Test-takers may also access their results via their accounts on the ETEC website, or by contacting ETEC's Call Centre at 920033555. ​

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