Cognitive Ability Test

 Cognitive Ability Test

People show different ways in utilizing their knowledge and experiences to adapt to new situations and get over difficulties and challenges.
Employees need to develop their abilities from time to time to become more competent and efficient in doing their jobs.

About the Test
General Cognitive Ability:
It refers to a set of potentials and cognitive skills that individuals have, which enable them to interpret the relationships between objects and actions; and assess different situations.

The Importance of Measuring Cognitive Ability:
Scientists believe that these abilities represent the means through which individuals learn, acquire knowledge, and utilize it in problem solving, controlling the environment in which they live, and
adjusting to the conditions of that environment.

Purpose of the Test:
Studies have shown that this type of tests can predict the extent to which an employee can succeed in performing tasks regardless of the job they are doing as it measures cognitive processes and general abilities. Therefore, this test will be used along with other standards and tools by the Ministry of Civil Service in job competitions in KSA, excluding jobs in Health and
Education sectors.

Test Contents:
Test items have been written based on the Cattell–Horn–Carroll theory CHC. The test consists of four main abilities:

Verbal Fluency and Comprehension Ability:
The ability to understand word meaning and relationships in a sentence or a written text.

Quantitative Ability:
The ability to process quantitative information.

Inductive Reasoning Ability:
The ability to think logically by applying inductive reasoning rules to abstract or concrete data or information and make inferences.

Spatial Ability:
Visual adaptation by using pictures and figures and the ability to imagine two-dimension drawings as three-dimensional.

Test Preparation
The test does not require specific references. However, previous knowledge and readings will help. It is important to be familiar with test items and how to answer through ETEC’s website.
The test contains simple calculations rather than complicated ones.

A number of entities such as: Ministry of Civil Service and Ministry of Justice​​

Register for the test

اثباتات دخول الاختبار

يمكنك الدخول للاختبار بأي من الوثائق الآتية: · الهوية الوطنية للسعوديين والإقامة لغير السعوديين . · جواز السفر الشخصي . · رخصة السياقة السعودية .

Retaking the General Cognitive Ability Test

Applicants may take the test up to 7 times within a 3-year period. The Commission reserves the right to limit registration, during some periods, to those who have not registered for the test before.

Validity of Test Results

5 years from the date of issuance of results

Rescheduling and Cancellation

Paper-based test: up to 72 hours before the test date

Test Fees

SR 200

Issuance of Results

اختبار القدرة المعرفية : تعلن نتائج الاختبارات الورقية بعد حوالي شهر من انتهاء فترة الاختبار .

If an applicant does not have a Civil Record

Applicants who do not have a Civil Record may obtain an exceptional Record by following the instructions by clicking here.

General Provisions

  • Saudi uniform is requested for the test
  • Test duration: 3-4 hours
  • Using calculators during the test is not permitted.
  • Using drafts is not permitted in paper-based tests.
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