Tourist Guide Test (general and regional)

 Tourist Guide Test (general and regional)


This test aims at making sure that at least the minimum set of qualifications are met for those applying for the general tour guide jobs. The test includes humanities, social, administrative, history, geography,  sciences, and archeological sciences necessary to have a successful tour guiding career.​


Test contents:

The test has 90 questions divided into three sections: 

First section: This section addresses the personality and social skills, such as, the ability to carry out tasks, interpersonal skills, and respecting others. 

Second section: This section addresses technical skills, such as,  the ability to carry out tourists programs, field performance skills, and decision making. 

Third section: This section includes general information questions, such as, geography, history, archeological, and knowing the best tourist attraction spots.​​ 

  • Personality and social skills:

This section assesses the personality and the necessary social skills, such as:

    1. Carrying out responsibilities and tasks.
    2. The ability to deal with tourists from different backgrounds.
    3. Good behavior in different situations.
    4. Caring for personal attributes ( looks, hygiene, ..)
    5. Respect the tourists and their culture, no matter how diverse.
  • Technical skills:

This section measures the availability of the necessary skills related to the tour guiding field, such as:

    1. Ensuring  the availability of the proper operational planning in tourism programs.
    2. Proper field execution of tourism programs.
    3. Verbal and non-verbal communication.
    4. Dealing with the related parties and institutions.
    5. Taking care of tourists.
    6. Understanding the rules and regulations of the tour guide industry.
    7. Deliver a proper amount of information regarding the rules and regulations that they must follow.
    8. Using modern technology in order to assist in the tour guiding process.
    9. Safety and security skills in dangerous situations.
    10. Reading maps, and identifying directions.
  • General information:

This section measures the amount of understanding the tour guide has about historical, geographical, and archeological  information, that are required in the field, such as:

    1. General geographical information about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    2. General information about the history of the Kingdom.
    3. General information about the archeological spots in the Kingdom.
    4. General information about the traditions and the cultural diversity in the kingdom.
    5. General information about the geographical tourist attraction spots.
    6. General information about the historical tourist attraction spots.
    7. General information about the archeological tourist attraction spots.
    8. General information about transportation methods, their timings and expenses.
    9. General information about the services available, such as: Hotels and accommodations, their locations, prices, and their contact information.
    10. General information about world geography.


Requirements to enter the test:

  1. The approval of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.
  2. Reaching the testing center at least half an hour before the test starts.
  3. Bringing the original national ID card, and a hard copy of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities approval.
  4. Any other requirements by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.​

This is a computer-based test, it composes of the following:

Every section includes a number of sections, and has a time limit that can't be extended, and if the time is up, you must move on the next section.

Thus, you have to take timing into account. The time counter and the question number will help you in managing your time.

You can move between the questions of a section, yet you can't move to another section when the time is up.

Note: Please follow the instructions carefully and, be on time, and list the questions that you want the ask the instructor, and please do so before the beginning of the test. 

Question type:

All the questions are multiple choice questions. Every question is followed by four answers, and you have to choose the correct one. However, in the first or second section of the exam, some questions might not have a correct answer, you are asked to choose the most suitable answer.

To have a better understanding, check the practice questions that will be available at the beginning of the test, which will explain the best way to answer. 

Test duration:

The test's duration is 90 minutes.​

Anyone who is nominated by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities; the nomination is based on the standards set by the commission.​​​

​The results will be sent to the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.

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